Free initial consultation

To help businesses to identify the key issues that they need to address, we offer a free, initial consultation.

Free annual "Heath Check"

We offer all clients a free, annual "Health check" to help you to identify opportunities and risks for your business.

Accounting services

We offer a comprehensive service that ensures your end of year accounts are produced on time and comply with both complex legislation and accounting standards.


If necessary we can provide a full, statutory audit service.


At Rostrons we understand that every business is different and so rather than try to shoehorn you into a bookkeeping solution, you can choose how much or little support you need from us. You may want us to manage your bookkeeping entirely or prefer for us to train and support your internal bookkeepers. We can work with your existing solutions orĀ help you to choose alternatives, including the increasingly popular cloud accounting. With experience of working with the market leaders in cloud accounting, Quickbooks and Xero, we help you to assess which solution works best for your business and show you how you can fully utilise the information they provide. Click here for our simple overview of cloud accounting.


Taking money out of your business whilst minimising your tax bill

We can advise you on how to extract the right amount of profit at the right time for both you and your business. We will work with you to identify how you can keep your tax liabilities to a minimum.

Corporation tax, VAT and income tax

These are all complex taxes that require expert input to avoid paying too much tax and ensure that returns are submitted on time to avoid paying unnecessary interest and penalties.

Management information

We can help you to identify and measure key performance indicators that will drive your business and help you achieve your strategic goals. Having regular information to hand will also enable you to make confident, informed decisions.

Director/ business owner support

40 years of supporting businesses and helping them grow, has given us a wealth of experience which we can share with you. We can provide you with direct support by working in your business or develop your team through one to one mentoring.


Staff changes and complex legislation make payroll a challenge. We can deal with this for you and give you guidance and direction in areas such as: employee benefits, maternity and sick pay, holiday pay, workplace pensions, employer national insurance incentives, the list is endless.

Partnership and shareholder agreements

The benefits of having agreements in place cannot be underestimated. Nobody knows what the future holds and it is easier to plan in advance rather than when you may be in a stressful or unexpected situation. Working with other professionals, we can design meaningful, formal agreements.

Buying or selling a business

Whether you are buying or selling a business, we can help you through the process. Working alongside you, we can analyse the financials, help to negotiate the deal and finalise the agreement and help you to decide what happens next.

Workplace pensions

We can help you with auto enrolment and managing the general administration associated with the payroll aspects.

Exit planning

Well in advance of your plans to retire or sell your business, we help you plan your strategy, which may involve a management buy- out or an external sale.