Free initial consultation

Tax legislation is complex, you’ll want an expert tax advisor. To explore the tax planning opportunities appropriate to you, we offer a free initial consultation. 

Tax returns

We look after your tax return preparation and submission to HMRC so that you don’t have to navigate your way through the tax system. As Norwich accountants, we are also on hand to help when it’s convenient for you.

Income tax planning

There are a number of ways to reduce the amount of income tax you have to pay. Some options you may want to consider are: sharing income and assets with a spouse, exchanging salary for benefits, the timing of your income as well as identifying opportunities for HMRC approved exemptions and reliefs.

Business tax planning

There are many tax reliefs available from HMRC. Considering these alongside your business goals, will allow us to help you to reduce your business tax bill.

Inheritance tax planning

Effective inheritance planning today, will protect your wealth for future generations and ensure they don’t pay unnecessary tax. It is never too early or too late to put in place actions that will make a difference.

Corporation tax mitigation

We work with you to reduce your corporation tax bill as far as possible and extract post tax funds as tax efficiently as possible.

Capital gains tax mitigation

If you have purchased an investment property or second home, sold land for development, own shares or other assets, you will be exposed to capital gains tax. We can help you to investigate a number of potential “reliefs” that can reduce, delay or even mitigate your capital gains tax liability.

Tax investigation insurance

Although it rarely happens to our clients, it is sensible to protect yourself against the potential costs involved in an HMRC investigation. We can offer tax investigation insurance to cover our professional fees in the event of this happening.